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Memo to new local bands!

I have always been irritated by most newer local bands I have seen in the last few years! First thing, just because they say you can play an hour, does that mean you should? NO, when noone other then you knows your music we tend to be bored by song number 4! So maybe you should find your 5 best songs (lets be honest if it is one of your first concerts, more then likely 5 really goods songs is probably a stretch) and then get them down good so you can rock the house. I know what your going to say, my friends want to hear us play as long as possible. No, they are being supportive to, after 4 or 5 songs they are also drifting off and having conversations only stoping to clap occasionally. So play those 5 songs for the first few shows get a following and some excitment about those songs, then start adding some new songs.

Also you really don't need to introduce all your songs. We aren't writting them down. We don't really care. If we like the song we wouldn't remember the name anyway.

No, this isn't directed to anyone I know. Just a thought.
If I ever play music again and I play live you may yell at me if I play longer then 30 minutes!
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