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On Sunday 7/15/07 at 8:13pm Saraswathi decided to make her first appearance in the world! Both Mom and baby are home and healthy and happy!
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Congratulations!! Pictures soon?
Congratulations! You will make a great dad!
Congratulations to the three of you, that is the best possible day to be born really, not abetter day could have been picked, not that I am biased, and not that its my birthday as well.

So yes, pics please!
Congrats! Post a picture of the little lady!

Congrats!!! I want pictures!!!

I am insanely jealous! :D Good on you though, enjoy fatherhood. Can't wait to see pics!!!

Congrats to your girls and to you! I'm so proud!!!!!!!!!

Congrats and much love to you all!
yay congrats
damn son, crazy. congrats!
Congratulations and best wishes to the three of you!
Congratulations to you both!
congratulations!!! that is awesome news.